Medical Equipment

Oxygen Machine

Medical Equipment

  • Convenient oxygen therapy Medical Equipment
  • Elastic strap style,
  • Percent O2 lock air entrainment system.


  • For Ambulatory and Mobility Aid
  • Foldable, light wt, with fixed arm and footrest,
  • seat width- 18”,
  • can bear 120 kg wt, spoke wheels
  • Secure/Multiple

All Types BP Instrument

  • Indicated for continuous 24 hrs BP monitoring,
  • Rehab, post-Operative care
  • 24 hours ambulatory NIBP monitoring function,
  • up to 350 groups of ambulatory NIBP data can be recorded for once

Suction Machine

  • Device to remove liquid or secretion by suction it from a patient.
  • For suspected aspiration of gastric or upper airway secretion.
  • Convenient oil-free pump with plastic panel design with No positive pressure during use with low noise.

oxygen cylinder

  • For Respiratory Therapy.

Comfortable Bed

  • For long-term bedridden,
  • post Op care,
  • Hospital bed,
  • Rehab
  • Motorized back and knee rest,
  • height adjustments and side rails adjustment